• Economic Development

Support our businesses by creating an economy that drives business towards growth and success, creates jobs, lowers taxes, and reduces over regulation.  

  • Mental Health

Create public / private partnerships for a facility in Western Wisconsin and increase awareness and education throughout our community. 

  • Governor's Emergency Powers

Ryan will lead the the charge to reduce the governor's emergency powers from sixty days to thirty.  These powers were created to make sure there were quick action options when it was harder to gather the legislature.  Those times have changed and so must our laws giving the power back to the legislature.   

  • Election Law

We must ensure that our election laws are fair and just.  Elections are supposed to be decided by voters and not the judicial system.  We need a clear process for close elections and what is allowed into the judicial system, which only delays representation.    

  • Second Amendment

Your rights are sacred and must be treated as such.  Ryan will vote for your hunting and gun rights every time.  Opposes any restrictions on law abiding citizens to your second amendment rights.  

  • Pro-Life

Ryan has been endorsed by both Pro Life Wisconsin and Wisconsin Right to Life.  

  • Controlling Taxes and Spending

Standing up to those willing to increase taxes, and fighting to ensure your tax dollars are spend correctly.  Governmental departments should run more like businesses do, by reducing costs and increasing productivity.  Budgets do not need to be fully spent every year, just because it is allocated to them.  That is waste and needs to be stopped.  


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  • Ryan Sherley
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